Our Vision

At Thing-it we believe in transforming buildings into their own smarter and efficient versions. A proud warrior during the covid pandemic, we are continuously evolving, adapting, and growing.

THING TECHNOLOGIES GmbH was founded by Marc Gille and Klaus Berberich in 2016. Their passion for creating a sustainable impact in the world by making buildings intelligent gave birth to this Frankfurt-based start-up. Two years of rigorous research, development, and dedicated hard work of our leadership team resulted in shaping our cutting edge technology.

Our first project was rolled out in Jan 2019 - and we have been simplifying the lives of thousands of people ever since. Today we stand strong with 2 awards, more than 50 projects in Europe and US, and 4 offices globally.

Our Values


We are dedicated to satisfying our customers needs.


We take ownership and deliver results.


We work smart and we work hard.


We are committed to a more sustainable working environment.

Team Spirit

We support and celebrate each other.
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