We all can help against the virus. Thing-it helps store keepers and building managers to efficiently and effectively apply Covid-19 protection measures.

Buildings, People and Things. Connected.

We help you to connect tenants, guests, service providers and other stakeholders of a building - with the building and with each other.

To support more efficient work. To increase comfort. To operate the building more sustainably. To optimize the use of space and equipment. To offer better services faster.

Multi-Site and Multi-Tenant

For Corporations and Real Estate Developers/Operators

Thing-it allows real estate developers to digitalize their new buildings right from the start or retrofit digitalization functions in their portfolio properties. It also helps corporations to provide a homogenous digital experience across all of their sites.

And even better - Thing-it supports the combination of both: Digitalization across site and tenant borders.

Office. Connected.

City Quarter. Connected.

FM. Connected.

Why Thing-it?

Unmatched Functional Breadth

No competitor can showcase the same breadth of functionality live in actual buildings.


Thing-it supports BACnet, EnOcean, iBeacon, Office, etc. standards deeper than any smart office competitor, providing access to thousands of hardware manufacturers. In addition, Thing-it supports a variety of proprietary interfaces via an extensible plugin architecture. All features work with a variety of hardware choices, new hardware support is added constantly.


Be it import of your BIM data, connectivity to your user and entitlement services or your Office 365, proper version management of your Digitalization Configurations, support for large number of users and sites - Thing-it provides services on enterprise scale.

Planning, Integration and Operations

The Thing-it Partner Ecosystem

Building digitalization requires concepts, planning, configuration, testing and daily operations of all components and processes - for the initial project and use cases added later. Our partners are here to help with successful projects.

Secure and GDPR-ready

We apply highest security measures and try to safe you as much GDPR homework as possible.

Frequently Penetration-tested
Configurable User Consents
Templates for Processing Agreements, User Consents and Technical and Organizational Measures (TOMs)
Reviewed by Public Authorities
Widest Vendor and Protocol Support

Connectivity to all Devices and Sensors

Even today we have a zoo of sensor, device and gateway technologies: BACnet, KNX, EnOcean, ZigBee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth, LoRa WAN - Thing-it connects to all of them. But we know one thing for sure: there will be devices tomorrow which most of us would not think of today - as well as new business cases which can be addressed with those. Thing-it has already been successfully integrated and is used in production deployments with components from