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Right size & right equipment: Find the perfect meeting room with our user-friendly filters

Create spaces that foster collaboration with smart management rules

Intuitive integration with Office 365 and Google Calendar

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Foster collaboration with meeting room booking

Provide more free meeting rooms to your employees using intelligent sensors

Booking meets efficiency. Forget about booked meeting rooms that are empty, our intelligent sensors can detect no shows and release the rooms, which automatically will be marked again as available

Everything you need to know about your bookings across buildings can be checked on our platform

Our integrations with open API allow users to manage the booking of rooms directly from Office 365 or Google Calendar

Find what you need for your perfect meeting. From video-conference to catering or simply BYOD

Saves time and effort at check-in: Simply confirm the booked meeting room via QR code - or automatically when you approach the meeting room via NFC.

Employee-first also means to us: Data protection first . That's why Thing-it always makes sure all tools are strictly data-compliant.

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Modern sensors – The basis for precise data in hybrid space

Thing-it partners with the market leader EnOcean to provide powerful insights with real-time data from self-powered sensors.

EnOcean sensors are:

  • Sustainable: 100% wireless and battery-free thanks to energy harvesting
  • Flexible and easy to install: Plug-n-play hardware as no cables are needed
  • Completely maintenance-free: Fit & Forget – once installed, the sensors do their job reliably
  • The lowest TCO solution for retrofits

Read more about EnOcean’s sensors.

Bright and Connected

Thing-it partners with Signify, which has the unique technology Power over Ethernet that transmits power and data over standard ethernet cables. The cables can be connected to sensors in the lighting fixtures which provide insights into the building's use and operations, such as:

  • Light levels
  • Energy consumption
  • Room Occupancy

It's easy to reap Thing-it's benefits: Just place your office's space management in the experts' hands.

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Quick and secure implementation by an award-winning pioneer

Thing-it is one of the market leaders in Workplace Experience apps. More than 50 projects in over 20 countries and three awards prove that we know our business.

We provide a solution tailored to your needs - with independent hardware.

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Thinking further? Additional modules for modern offices.

Desk Booking

Plan your hybrid day with easy Desk Booking

Smart Parking 

Book and manage your parking spaces via the app: Save time and optimize occupancy rates.

Navigation & People Finding   

Safe navigation across the entire campus: Quickly find who or what you're looking for.

Smart Lockers 

Room for personal belongings in a flexible working environment: Book, use, and manage lockers simply with the app.


What happens with non-taken bookings (no-shows)?

Don't worry anymore about non-taken bookings. Our solution will release the room after 10 minutes if no one shows up and will be displayed automatically as available.

Our solution is fully compatible with iOS and Android, users can easily download it from Apple Store or Google Play.

From BYOD and Store Download to Corporate Mobile Device or Application Management with Apple Business Manager, Google-equivalent of ABM, Microsoft Intune or Mobile Iron.

The application tracks the occupancy level of your meeting rooms with sensors. You can obtain customized reports of specific time periods or areas of your building.

With our animated heatmaps, you can monitor the occupancy of rooms in real time. Make data-driven decisions and proactively solve conflicts, such as unoccupied or over-occupied rooms. Discover our Occupancy Analytics solution.

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