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We are market leaders in seamlessly transforming your portfolio offices and buildings into intelligent digital spaces - with one single and open Cloud Platform.

"Our analysis finds that Thing Technologies is a good fit for occupiers looking to strengthen the user experience, real estate developers working on flagship projects and landlords delivering a premium residential tenant experience."

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Easy-to-roll-out Desk Booking and Infection Tracing

We have added a set of features to the Thing-it product suite which effectively support COVID-19 prevention and tracing and can be rolled out in days.

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Building Digitalization is essential for all Portfolio Holders: Corporate Real Estate Managers, Developers, Asset Managers and Facilities Managers. We have something in store for all of you.

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Thing-it at Work

From landmark buildings and city quarters to corporate sites.

cube Berlin

Thing-it is the 'Brain' of Europe's most intelligent office building - by CA Immo.
"Den cube berlin haben wir als eines der intelligentesten Bürogebäude weltweit entwickelt. Die Thing-it-Software sorgt als Gehirn dieses Gebäudes dafür, dass die digitalen Bausteine miteinander vernetzt und für die Mieter einfach zu nutzen sind. Thing-it ermöglicht einen optimierten, effizienten und nachhaltigen Betrieb der Gebäudes und passt sich flexibel an wachsende oder veränderte Anforderungen an.”
Matthias Schmidt
Director Development, CA Immo Deutschland
Planning, Integration and Operations

The Thing-it Partner Ecosystem

Thing-it has a large pool of partners that supports your projects right from the ideation and planning phase throughout the implementation and customer support and operations phase.

Widest Vendor and Protocol Support

Connectivity to all Devices and Sensors

Even today we have a zoo of sensor, device and gateway technologies: BACnet, KNX, EnOcean, ZigBee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth, LoRa WAN - Thing-it connects to all of them.

And will connect those to come.