People Counting and Admittance.

Controlling the number of people in spaces or areas of a building is essential for COVID-19 prevention - and often a legal obligation. Thing-it allows you to deploy a solution in no time.

Store and Building Admittance Control

Thing-it provides an easy-to-install and easy-to-operate solution to control the in and out flow /presence of people in a store or building.

It counts the number of people entering and exiting the store via sensors at all entrance/exit doors, displays the total number of people in the store/building on displays (e.g. at the doors) and prompts people waiting in line to enter.

The same information is provided on service staff phones. Overflow of a predefined threshold is escalated via push notifications to service staff phones to allow them to interfere (close doors, stop people from entering).

If technical access to automatic doors can be provided via building control (e.g. BACnet), doors can automatically be closed on overflow.

The solution can be configured for a single store, multiple stores, floors or buildings as well as across sites with central dashboard and statistics.

Depending on the total number of people in a time interval, specific cleaning/disinfection tasks can be initiated via push notification and tracked via checklists.

Thing-it for Store and Building Admittance Control is provided with our partner


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