The Features

Solutions for Portfolio Holders

Workplace Management

Asset Management

City Quarter Management

Facilities Management


Best-in-class App and Portal, Multi-tenant User and Entitlement Synchronization and API Gateway.


Scalable Building Operation System with Data Lake, Digital Twin, rich Analytics Functions, Automation via Stream Processing and Artificial Intelligence, Business Process Management and Workflow


Homogenous Access to Building Control, Lighting, Elevators, IoT Sensors and more via Gateway Software or Cloud-to-Cloud Communication.

One Platform for All


Thing-it is the Building Digitalization Platform for all Manage & Operate Use Cases of Corporate Real Estate Managers, Real Estate Developers, Asset Managers, Facilities Managers and other Service Providers.


Entitlement Management

  • Arbitrary organizational Structures
  • Configurable Validity and Expiration
  • Department Support
  • Role Assignment Procurement/Payment


  • Hierarchical Page Structure with Entitlements
  • WYSIWYG Editor with Drag and Drop
  • Keyword Search


  • Chat Channels with arbitrary Users
  • Ad hoc Chat Groups
  • Surveys in Chat


  • Combined Indoor/Outdoor Navigation
  • Considers Access Entitlements and Mobility Restrictions
  • Private Roads and Pathways Modeling via Open Street Map (OSM)

Building Control

  • Full BACnet Support - tested with 10+ Vendors
  • EDE Import and Discovery
  • Discovery of Components from Data Point Scan


  • EnOcean Support
  • Disruptive Technologies Support
  • LoRa Support


  • Line Charts, Bar Charts, Pie Charts, Gauges against arbitrary Business Data
  • Bubble Charts, Space Heatmaps and XY-Heatmaps on Building Floors
  • Predefined Dashboards for Desk and Space Utilization, Booking and Occupancy, Energy Management, Indoor Climate and COVID-19 Tracing

Access Control

  • Active and Passive Entry
  • Role Synchronization
  • KONE Support (certified)
  • dormakaba Support
  • BlueId Support
  • Schindler myPort Support


  • Via Elevators, Stairs and Parking Ramps
  • Support for KONE (certified), Schindler MyPort


  • Booking and Contingent Support
  • Real-time Occupancy Data
  • Integration with AutoPay and Videte
  • Navigation to Parking Lot


  • Access Control and Booking for Charging Stations
  • OCPP 1.6 Support
  • Billing Processing

Locker Stations

  • End User and Administrator UI in App
  • Booking Restrictions (e.g. one per Site)
  • Support for Vecos and BURG Loquit


  • OAuth2 Support
  • SAML Support
  • Microsoft ADAL Support

Groupware Support

  • Full, bidirectional Synchronization with Microsoft 365
  • User and Resource (Meeting Rooms, Offices) Calendars
  • Multiple Groupware Instances can be synchronized into Multi-tenant Building
  • Guest Invitation Support

Parcel Station

  • Via Elevators, Stairs and Parking Ramps
  • Support for Lippert Parcel Station
  • Support for Renz Parcel Station (planned)
  • Virtual Parcel Station for Parcel Room/Reception

Digital Signage

  • Bi-direction, multi-tenant synchronization of user and space calendars
  • Microsoft 365 support
  • Google Calendar (planned)

Stream Processing

  • Cumulation and Aggregation of Sensor and Booking Data into Business Metrics
  • Business Rules for Processing
  • Actor Service Invocation and Business Process/Checklist Start

Store Management

  • Fast and easy Product Management
  • Flexible Pricing Models
  • Temporary Offers

Payment Processing

  • Safe Processing via Stripe
  • Transaction Overview
  • Reimbursement
  • Terms and Conditions Management


  • Cumulation of Sensor Data into Business Metrics
  • BPMN 2.0 Support

Data Protection

  • GDPR Starter Kit (Guidelines, TOMS, Sample Consent, Sample Processing Agreement)
  • Configurable User Consent
  • Cumulation and Aggregation to avoid long-term Profiling
  • Means to address the EU/US Privacy Shield Overturn by the European Court of Justice

Custom App & Mobile Device Management

  • CI skinning
  • Separate Customer-specific App in Store
  • Apple Business Manager Support


  • English, German and Russian for App and Portal
  • Other Languages on Demand

Open API

  • REST API to CRUD Operations and Composite Business Logic
  • Open API 3.0-compliant
  • Publish/Subscribe Queues
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Quota/Throttling
  • Billing
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