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Creating a Better Workplace

Hybrid work has arrived in offices worldwide and it’s here to stay. It brings a new set of new challenges and opportunities for companies. Better and smaller workplaces can optimize the experience for your employees, reduce your office cost, and support your CO2 emission reduction targets. While the best workplaces concepts include much more than technology, technology is a cornerstone of any modern and agile concept. At Thing-it, we’re passionate about providing you with the industry’s best workplace automation technology so you can create the best workplace for your staff.

Workplace Experience

With Thing-it you can give your staff the orientation and help they need right at their fingertips. By removing friction you can make each day in the office more fun and more productive.

Office Map
Find Anything in your workplace on an intuitive map interface. Never search for meeting room VH 07.D.236 again.

Office Day Organization
Organize your workday with your co-workers and customers by making use of the right spaces and equipment.

Meeting Room Optimization
Book meeting rooms and other shared ressources like desks, parking lot in seconds.

Space Efficiency

Right-sizing your workplace not only reduces cost, it also is the single most effective way of reducing office related carbon emissions. With a data-centric approach to decision making and allocations combined with employee-focused self-service tooling, Thing-it helps you create a hybrid work environment everyone loves.

Desk Sharing
Allow your teams to find and book available shared spaces such as desks, parking lots, meeting rooms and much more.

Space Utilization
Understand how your shared spaces are used and how much of each your teams need.

Dynamic Allocations
Move beyond fixed head-to-desk ratios and allocate the ressources to each team they actually use.

Building Modernization

Location, sustainability, and design are key factors for modern office buildings. Data transparency helps increase operational efficiency. With the highest SmartScore ranking of any accredited solution, Thing-it is a cornerstone of the modernization of your portfolio.

Smartscore Certification
Get a platinum SmartScore for your certification with the software that has the highest SmartScore rating.

Data Transparency
Get real-time insights into the energetic consumption, comfort, utilization and much more.

Tenant Experience Provide your tenants with the world’s best workplace experience and space efficiency tooling.


All in One App

  • Broad Feature Coverage
    Your single digital touchpoint for all your staff’s needs.

  • Great User Experience
    Consistent UX across use cases and frontends.

  • Scalable Delivery and Worldwide Rollout
    With a network of partners, we’re right where your offices are - world wide.

  • Connected and Open
    Flexible by design, with open APIs and hardware independence.

  • Enterprise-grade
    Built for enterprise environments, with data protection, security, and unlimited scalability.

Trusted by Organizations Around the World

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Hypoport Offices - Berlin

Through the support of Thing-it and e-shelter security, Hypoport has created an office space that inspires teams to innovate and collaborate [...].

Lennart Goschin
Lead Digitalisierung bei Hypoport

Smarter, Greener, Faster

Awarded Innovation Leadership

Thing-it has the highest SmartScore-rating of any accredited software platform. Our customers use the flexibility to achieve the highest possible ratings. Most buildings in Germany with a SmartScore Platinum rating have decided for Thing-it as the central software platform.

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