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Smart Parking Systems:
The Road to Success

Optimize the use of parking space and e-charging stations across all corporate sites: Our smart parking feature enables quick reservations via app and real-time updates about availability. It seamlessly integrates with your existing system, enhancing your overall building management experience. With our smart parking system, you're not just improving parking — you're transforming the entire workspace journey for your employees.

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Parking Booking on Demand

Make the most
of your space

Our parking analytics are the game-changer you've been waiting for. By collecting data on user behaviour and patterns, our app empowers you to analyze trends, pinpoint opportunities for optimization, and ensure that every parking space is effectively utilized. The result? A seamless parking experience, designed for your entire team.

Easy billing
and invoicing

Managing parking payments can be a straightforward process: Users have the flexibility to select from various payment methods according to their preferences. Transaction details, orders, and payment history are neatly organized and easily accessible within the app: Simple, efficient, and always at your fingertips.

booking rules

We understand that parking requirements can vary widely across different roles and departments within your organization. That's why our solution gives you the power to allocate parking based on responsibilities, organizational units, or even specific locations. Prioritize accessibility and inclusivity by granting parking privileges to users with mobility impairments, ensuring everyone feels welcome and valued.

One device
for convenient access

Our smart parking system seamlessly integrates existing tools and features. With just a few taps, you can view all available spots, turning the hunt for parking into a breeze. Plus, the app extends to other designated areas, making it an essential tool for smart office management. Enjoy quick, unified access to parking lots, building entrances, and lockers.

Digital journey through your office

Smart and impactful: Our smart building management platform and workplace experience app help you keep your employees happy. Sensors and other additional hardware take it to the next level. From building access, parking and e-charging to desk booking, people finding and room reservation: : The Thing-it App provides everything you need for a hassle-free day at work.

Sensor-Based Parking Systems

We're proud partners with an array of industry leaders in parking sensor technology, including MultiGuide, MSR, Videte, and SO-NAH. Our mission is to cater precisely to your needs: Whether it's embedded floor sensors, oblique detection, camera detection, or camera counting, we're committed to offering you the best in class solutions. With us, it's not just about meeting expectations - it's about exceeding them.

Free-Flow Parking

Our partner Autopay offers a smart and easy-to-use Free-Flow Parking Management System. Autopay solves parking challenges based on a customer-centric approach across a wide range of segments. The industry-leading technology behind the solution: Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR).

  • Digital administration of parking permits

  • Parking validation

  • Free parking for guests

  • Integrated e-charging

Trust the Award-Winning Pioneer

Thing-it is one of the market leaders in workplace experience apps. More than 50 successful projects in over 20 countries and three awards (including the ZIA Office Award for Digitalization & Innovation) prove that we know our business.

We provide a solution tailored to your needs: Enterprise-ready, hardware-independent, and in line with the current GDPR requirements. Our experienced team will implement your project within a few weeks. If later you decide that you'd like to add even more features, it's easy to expand the app. Ready to level up?  

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Thinking Further?
Additional Modules for Modern Offices

Access Control

Keyless access to buildings and areas: The app provides simple, secure, and hygienic access control.

Desk Booking

Enhance productivity, embrace sustainability, and create an inspiring environment.

Navigation & People Finding

Safe navigation across the entire campus: Quickly find who or what you're looking for.

Smart Lockers

Room for personal belongings:
Book, use, and manage lockers via app.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Users can obtain access with key card, QR code, license plate recognition or key on the mobile. An important differentiator regarding the Thing-it app and platform is the fact that access control mechanisms for Parking Booking are compatible with other building elements such as office, elevator, meeting room, etc…)

  • That is determined by the client. It can be the Real Estate Manager, Human Resources Manager, CIO or all of them. The data is diverse and contains useful insights that can be beneficial for various domains. We can advise you to choose - in line with data protection and ISO27001 certification for Thing-it - the data that is more relevant to you according to your Real Estate objectives.

  • The administrator can assign and revoke rights to users whenever needed. A common example is assigning a determined parking area for managers or C-level employees. It is also possible to assign specific areas of the parking lot to visitors or guests.

  • Images or data are not saved during the process nor sent to the cloud. All the calculations and processing happen within the sensors. The solution shares only metadata, it never shares information related to specific users.

  • No matter if you are already using other modules from Thing-it or another company, our parking booking solution can be seamlessly installed and even connected to your existing solutions. This way your employees and visitors will enjoy an even more pleasant experience when attending to the office.

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