Space Efficiency

Cut Your Space in Half

Hybrid work is giving companies the opportunity to right-size the space they provide for their employees by introducing sharing models for anything from desks to parking lots. Right-sizing not only reduces cost, it also is the single most effective way of reducing office related carbon emissions. With a data-centric approach to decision making and allocations combined with employee-focused self-service tooling, Thing-it helps you create a hybrid work environment everyone loves.

Usage Optimization:
Everything Shared

With your staff working from home permanently assigned desks or parking lots are a thing from the past. Make sure you get the best use of your office equipment by letting your teams book everything from parking lots to desks to lockers. Of course sharing needs good rules, from home zones to location based check-ins, Thing-it gives you all the components for a successful sharing model.

Desk Sharing
Need a quiet desk near accounting? Or a height-adjustable one with 2 screens in engineering? Thing-it lets your employees find what they need in seconds.

Locker Sharing
With shared desks your staff still needs a place to store their personal items. Allow them to book, open, and return lockers where and when they need them.

Parking Sharing
Let your staff know before they leave home if they can have a parking lot in the office today. Prevent unreserved blocking of parking lots by integrating with your parking’s access control.

Know the Facts: Sensor Based Utilization Analysis

Knowing how your office is actually used and having reliable and actionable data about utilization is the foundation of modern space management. We at Thing-it are passionate about providing your space management team with the best and most reliable data available so they can optimize the space for those who use it.

Sensor Agnostic
With hundreds of thousands of sensors connected globally, Thing-it’s hardware independence lets you pick the ideal sensor for your needs.

Data Visualization
While our dashboards give you the most common analytics straight out of the box, our Data Cube gives you and your data scientists everything we know into the tool of their choice.

Actionable Information
Our real-world hardened algorithms turn sensor data into reliable, actionable information that help you know exactly how much of what you need.

Dynamic Allocations

Traditionally space management professionals have used a head-to-desk-ratio to allocate desks to teams. Based on the vast amount of desks and team utilization ratios we track we know that teams behave very differently. While some work mostly remote, others like to meet up in the office. Fixed head-to-desk-ratios can leave some teams scrambling for space while other teams have more space than they ever need. In a combination of sensor based analysis, sophisticated team-based analysis, and self-servicing, you can make sure each team has the space they actually need. Contact us to learn about how our customers continuously right size their allocations.

hypoport office berlin

Hypoport Offices - Berlin

Through the support of Thing-it and e-shelter security, Hypoport has created an office space that inspires teams to innovate and collaborate [...].

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