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Infinite Potential

At Thing-it, we believe in building strong partnerships with industry leaders to provide our clients with the best solutions and services. We collaborate with a diverse range of companies to deliver innovative solutions, tailored to our clients' needs.

Offering a wide range of commercial perks, we're committed to aiding our partners in leveraging diverse expansive prospects. Unite with us and discover the power of synergy: Ready to aim higher?  

A Strong And Reliable Partner

Shaping the Future

At Thing-it, we're not just constructing intelligent workdays — we're crafting relationships that matter. Our savvy office solutions foster connections among team members, while empowering organizations to redefine their work environments.

Our award-winning, GDPR-compliant platform solution combines innovation and sustainability. Thing-it transforms offices into a vibrant hub that draws people in – a destination by choice, not obligation. We stand beside businesses navigating the complexities of their hybrid workspaces.

Building a great workspace is a team effort: That's where our collaboration comes in. Partner with us to access a host of benefits aimed at fostering your business growth. By advocating for our smart workspace solution, you'll cultivate new business relationships while extending your service portfolio.  

Join Our Community of Global Partners

Deliver Outstanding Services

A Complete Package

As a company, we offer continuous support to both clients and partners. Step into a partnership where synergies fuel business growth: By joining our partner program, you enhance your product portfolio with minimal effort.

Offer an all-inclusive service package and earn a percentage of the monthly license fee. Our scalable platform solution is available worldwide, presenting the perfect solution for a top-tier client base.

As a Thing-it partner, you can deepen your clients' and team's understanding of intelligent workplace concepts. Along with substantial financial advantages, you also gain ample opportunities for cross-selling. Propel your business forward by becoming a Thing-it partner today!

What’s In It For You?

The Start of Something Great

As a Thing-it partner, you benefit from our experience, our client base, and an extensive range of resources. Backed by years of industry insights, we equip our partners to thrive in the rapidly changing world of office buidings. This includes exclusive rewards for top performers, professional webinars, and regular market updates. You're part of a community participating in joint events, exhibitions, and special gatherings.

Our onboarding process is a deep-dive adventure packed with tech knowledge and sales strategies. Through this journey, your team, whether tech-oriented or sales-driven, will score game-changing insights. Become a part of our success story: Enroll in our partner program today!

How Does It Work?

Upon signing the partnership agreement, you'll embark on a comprehensive onboarding process featuring technical and sales-oriented training. As a partner, you benefit from our hardware-independent approach: deploy your own components and use our smart office software to bring them to life.



  • Kick-off Meeting: We'll explore partnership options, align our objectives, and identify potential synergies

  • We’ve agreed on the terms: A preliminary partnership contract (non-binding and free of financial risk for you) officially marks the start of our collaboration



  • Comprehensive Tech & Sales Onboarding: Dive into our deep, hands-on training covering both technical and sales aspects

  • Joint Goals: We refine our mutual objectives to ensure our partnership's success

  • Communication: We establish regular meetings to keep the conversation flowing

  • Dedicated Support: Benefit from close interaction with your Key Account Manager

  • Partner Portal: Gain access to in-depth product insights and a wealth of resources



  • A strong connection: Through regular meetings and ongoing guidance we ensure a smooth collaboration

  • Steady Lead Generation: Receive regular leads to fuel your business growth

  • Regular Updates: Stay ahead of the curve with frequent market updates, product news, and release dates

  • Close Accompaniment: Enjoy direct support from our experts

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