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Room Control Via App

Comfort is key: Thing-it empowers your employees to shape their environment according to their needs. From temperature and lighting to elevators and escalators, users control every aspect of your workplace with our app. Compatible with a wide array of sensors and devices, we transform every corner of your building into a responsive, adaptive environment - for a workspace that understands and nurtures your teams.

Boost Wellbeing And Productivity

Smart Climate Control

Connect and Control

Your office, your way: With the Thing-it app, you're in command of every aspect of your workspace. We've designed it to simplify your workday by uniting every element of your office environment. Whether adjusting temperature, occupancy, lighting, heating, and cooling systems or managing door locks, elevators, and escalators, you create the optimal conditions with just a few taps.

Make Your Teams Happy

Your employees deserve to be comfortable at work. With Thing-it, users can control their surroundings with a simple touch on their phones. Our intuitive dashboard reveals how your team interacts with their workspace, allowing for thoughtful adjustments. Create a responsive workplace that nurtures well-being and productivity through the seamless integration of technology.

Save Resources

Thing-it's analytics dashboard transforms IoT sensor data into actionable insights. From temperature and humidity to noise levels and CO2 concentrations: You receive a real-time snapshot of your work environment and opportunities to save energy. Make informed decisions that enhance the well-being of your staff and contribute to a more sustainable office operation.

We’re All About Connectivity

We’ve taken climate control to a personal level, shaping an experience tailored to you: Our system effortlessly connects with devices such as CO2 sensors, occupancy sensors, and intelligent lighting, aligning your environment with your preferences. Compatibility with industry standards like BACnet, EnOcean, Bluetooth, and WiFi ensures that customization is as simple as a tap. And the best part? Thing-it's adaptive connectivity keeps you ahead of the curve, ensuring a seamless transition with any future tech developments.

Monitoring and Analytics

Thing-it collects vital indoor climate data from IoT sensors, turning complex information into accessible insights. With our intuitive dashboards, you can monitor and analyze everything – from occupancy and CO2 levels to temperature, humidity, and noise. Our advanced drill-down capabilities and period comparisons enable an in-depth assessment, helping you create a more comfortable and efficient workspace.

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Additional Modules for Modern Offices

Access Control

Keyless access to buildings and areas: The app provides simple, secure, and hygienic access control.

Smart Parking

Smart solutions to efficiently distribute and optimally utilize your parking spaces.

Navigation & People Finding

Safe navigation across the entire campus: Quickly find who or what you're looking for.

Smart Lockers

Room for personal belongings:
Book, use, and manage lockers via app.

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