Desk and Space Booking. Connected.

Up to 40% of meeting rooms, offices, desks and even parking lots are empty on average on a typical workday, wasting billions of dollars in real estate expenses - from corporations to small and medium size businesses.

Managing the use of desks and meeting rooms via booking helps to optimize your cost, provides a maximum of comfort to your employees in a hybrid office/working from home world and ultimately improves the sustainability contribution of your company.

Desk Booking

Provide maximum comfort for your employees

  • Our desk booking app makes life easier for your employees, the days of spending time looking for a desk or meeting room are over
  • Increase productivity and well-being of your staff and comfort your guests

Safely back to office

  • Thing-it is your ally in complying with the 6-foot office regulation
  • Track the capacity of maximum people allowed per room and per office
  • Monitor the air quality of your offices

Your data is protected

  • We comply with GDPR rules and regulations

Complete long-term modular solution

  • Choose from a variety of features what fits you best and grow your solution when needed - permits you to plan long-term
  • Integrate it with your corporate groupware like Microsoft 365
  • Stay flexible with an office setup you can change anytime

Quick & easy

  • Implement in 14 days
  • No cables needed
  • No extra burden for IT department
  • Control the solution with our mobile app

Supports your ESG goals

  • 0%-energy consumption sensors Energy saving
  • Meet your ESG goals
  • Monitor and control the usage of lights, A/C and heating with only a few clicks

For more accurate decisions and efficient space usage

  • Our Dashboards will give you clarity on how your office space is used, thus facilitating quick decisions and saving up to 30% of your space costs
  • Receive customized reports
  • Maximize the space utilization
Detect No Shows

Further Optimization via Sensors and QR Code Scan

Thing-it supports a broad range of devices (e.g. EnOcean desk and space occupancy sensors) to measure desk and space occupancy. These sensor data or scanning of QR codes allow Thing-it to determine, whether a booked meeting room or desk is really used. In case of doubt, the booking user is requested to confirm via push notification. Otherwise the booking is released.

This way you are not only optimizing the use of spaces and desks, but also obtain exact data about their utilization as a basis for future space and desk capacity and layout.

Cost Optimization

Desk and Space Utilization Dashboards

With booking and sensor data, you can measure, control and optimize utilization of spaces and desks via powerful Live Dashboards - with drill-down capabilities into sites, buildings, floors, departments or activity types and comparison between periods.

Implementation in weeks

Fast and Scalable Rollout

Rolling out a Thing-it space and desk booking solution can be done fast and efficiently across an entire, possibly world-wide portfolio.

Thing-it' s partners are here to help with planning, hardware selection and procurement, installation and setup and operations in the field.

They know how to do it - they have done it before.


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