Incident Management.

Thing-it helps you to provide a single entry point for issue reporting and resolution at your offices and in and around your buildings.

Simple Entry and Processing

Mobile Incident Workflows

Tenants or guests can enter issues, defects, requests and complaints on their phone, with taking photos and automatically indicating their geo position/indoor location and afterwards track the status of their incident. Image recognition helps with the entry.

Staff members will receive work items to resolve the incidents on phones or tablets, navigated to the incident's location and provided with all data necessary to resolve the incident.

One simple way of entry and processing - no hotlines, no emails.

Detailed Whitepaper

Incident Reporting and Approval Requests

Read how to provide a homogenous, easy-to-use front-end to all employee and tenant processes.

Flexible Workflows

Full BPMN Process Modeling

Thing-it' s BPMN (Business Process and Model) process modeler let's you configure your Incident Management Processes exactly the way you need them. Work can be dispatched to the relevant users, roles and organizations and/or passed to other systems (CAFM, ERP) for further processing or billing.


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