Thing-IT Technologies: The Trailblazer in the Hybrid Workplace Sector

Thing-IT's portfolio is one of the most comprehensive in the industry, according to the newest Verdantix study.

by Ivan Escamilla

The report classified three main categories consisting of 15 use cases:

-Agile Work Management

-Collaboration Management

-Remote Work Management

The comparison reveals that Thing-it offers some of the most accomplished solutions across all three main categories. The companies evaluated include Siemens Comfy, Schneider Electric, Mapiq, and Spacewell. Out of the 55 companies evaluated in the report, only 11 had a portfolio covering all 15 use cases. As part of the selected group of companies covering all the use cases, Thing-it confirms its status as one of the most feature-rich companies in the industry.

Frankfurt am Main, July 2022 – We are currently experiencing a new era of work: All around the globe, companies are implementing Hybrid Workplace Technologies to facilitate more flexible work models. These new approaches help businesses deliver a better employee experience and allow more dynamic use of office spaces. For a closer look at the players in this sector, the independent research firm Verdantix published its latest Smart Innovators: Hybrid Workplace Software report.

Verdantix analyzed the solutions of the 55 most innovative companies in the Hybrid Work Industry. The report provides a comprehensive benchmark by identifying the most complete and competitive portfolios. The research firm used the Harvey Ball methodology to visualize and compare various qualitative criteria. In this case, the method was used to evaluate the degree of functionality of the different company portfolios.

Breakdown by category:

Agile Work Management

Thing-it shows full functionality in 4/7 use cases of this category,

  1. Notification systems

  2. Social distancing controls

  3. Dynamic occupancy monitoring and analysis

  4. Hybrid workplace technologies incident / Feedback reporting and management

Collaboration Management

In the report, Thing-it is depicted as the company with the most comprehensive functionality: Four out of six use cases obtained full functionality, including,

  1. Asset-based scheduling (desk, room, space, equipment)

  2. Amenity options and discount systems

  3. Locker and Parking booking management

  4. Occupancy and IAQ data visualizations

Remote Work Management

In this category, the quality provided by Thing-it was confirmed by multiple named customers, particularly in targeted solutions like,

  1. Commute management

  2. Productivity and wellbeing feedback


The report highlights Thing-it's journey: from a pioneer in offering agile working solutions to one of the most comprehensive and innovative companies in the Hybrid Work Industry.

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